Monday, September 20, 2010

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Rome, Italy

After Abruzzo, we went to Rome. Stayed in a flat up 5 floors (105 steps - ouch!) but in a nice central area. We ate well, and saw all the sites. It's a great city.

Here's the Collosseum


The Trevi Fountain

A lotta people gotta lotta nerve

The Spanish Steps

The Spanish Steps

The Vatican Museums


The Roman Forum

Roman Forum

Some great food

L'Insalata Ricca

Tasty churches, with beautiful decor

Mother Theresa

and met some lovely people


Abruzzo, Italy

In August stayed in the beautiful medieval walled town of Penne. Our rented apartment was beautiful, every morning wake up, step out onto the balcony and see this

On waking

and in the evening, the sunset was perfect too, with the mountains looming high over the windy roads and farmland of rural Abruzzo.

Sunset over the Gran Sasso

Up above it all 2

The countryside was lovely


but the beaches were a bit mad


But a really lovely area.