Friday, February 17, 2006

Greg Daville's Covers

"In the same way that a song on the radio can arouse a myriad associations, so can the covers that adorned this music."

Greg Daville's covers project is an experiment where he gets ordinary people to act out the covers of their favourite LPs, to often brilliant and hilarious effect.

The project came from a 2005 residency at Brighton's Phoenix Art Gallery and has grown into a 55 picture online art exhibition. Probably his most (in)famous re-enactment is the Sgt Pepper cover, but other pictures are in my view even more effective in combining our fascination with the iconic musical object and the personal character of each player. Below, are some examples - the Man Machine, One Step beyond, the Cut and New Boots and Panties. Visit Greg's website to see the full set.

The Man MachineOne Step Beyond
New Boots and Panties

"The online exhibition of prints you see before you is the result of an intense period of work, and a series of fantastic collaborations with all the people who offered themselves up to be photographed. As well as resulting in some great portraits, it afforded me the pleasure of sharing the creative/making process with others. I usually work on my own, and it was a refreshing change."

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