Tuesday, May 29, 2007

One more cup of coffee

Nia Cafe Latte
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We had a solitary day of sunshine today, having been promised rain all week. So, out we went to take the air, take some photos, and do a few things that we had never done before - visit Shoreham airport, walk the Shoreham footbridge that crosses the estuary, and view the amazing houseboats at the upriver end of the Shoreham Beach village. A great day!

And we enjoyed coffee and breakfast in a great little cafe, so:

Monday, May 28, 2007

A summer of Love and Hardship

It's cold and raining hard today, but last week for two days they put grass down in Trafalgar Square and the sun was shining and it changed the whole spirit of the place. Life feels that much better when the sun is shining.



London taxi (aka The Charmless Man)

I haven't been blogging of late because I have been more into photography and flickr.

However, I appreciate my blogger community and want to continue to share, so I think I'll try to combine the music and the camera from now on...

Friday, May 04, 2007

Going Green

Interesting election results yesterday in my maverick part of the wood.

Brighton was the part of the country with the highest proportion of its population registering their religion on the census as Jedi! We're a bit odd like that.

Now, in the latest elections - which will change little, but are mainly the population's chance to tell Tony Blair how disappointed we are with him and how little we trust him now - the bit of East-Central Brighton where I live has decided to buck the national trend and gone green. Not one, not two, but three wards here elected wholely Green Party councillors.

So, as a tribute: