Thursday, January 29, 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009

Don't ignore me

A new mix CD. Free for the first 100 downloads and then it's gone. God bless you all.

This mix wasn't supposed to happen like this. I was making a list of songs from randomised playing on my MP3 player, but then the hard drive on my office computer broke, and while it's fixable I can't be bothered right now, so moved over to my laptop and had to start again from the tracks on there, and I wasn't really sure what I was putting together here but when it was finished it felt totally right and has its own stories. You can work them out for yourself.

This is a sociable mix, for playing in clubs I think, but the kind of clubs where people sit and talk rather than dance. A slow wintery start, with lots of old soul, and some fresh young Brighton sounds amongst other things. Aidan Moffat cuts it in half like a knife.

Take it in two bites, each being 60 megabyte downloads.

1. Allo' Darlin' - Baby it's cold outside
2. Mary Hampton - The Bell they gave you
3. Ernie K Doe - Here come the girls
4. Wanna Moe Leaner - Un Dia
5. Santogold - I'm a lady (Diplo Mix)
6. Backyard Tire Fire - The Places we Lived
7. Climbers - Bookshop folk mp3
8. Martha Tilston and the Woods - A Surfer courted me
9. Elmore James - One Way Out
10. Aidan John Moffat - Good morning

11. Kristin McClement - Bells Once Rang
12. Bruce Springsteen - Blinded by the light
13. Danny & the Champions of the World - Red Tree Song
14. The Brothers and Sisters - All Along the Watchtower
15. Crystal Mansion - Somebody ought to turn your head around mp3
16. Sweet Jane - You're making this hard
17. Velvet Underground - Pale Blue Eyes
18. Ronnie Spector - You can't put your arms around a memory
19. Robert Knight - Everlasting Love

Friday, January 02, 2009

No more Christmas anymore

Back to work on Monday...

No more Christmas anymore
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(and as this song is 85 years old, we must assume it didn't)

Three Stories

Partly inspired by an excellent night of readings at Sam and Jay's Tight Lip on Friday, I went searching for some old stories and poems I wrote about a decade and a half ago. These were printed up in a limited edition xeroxed book, of which probably no more than a dozen copies are in circulation (I still have a box of them somewhere). It received a nice review in Factsheet Five; and was later placed on the web, on a site which has now closed down, hence why I went searching.

Anyway, I thought for a while this stuff was tired and jaded, but I've decided to like it again, so thought I'd make some of it available here. If you want a copy of the rest, drop me an email with your address.

These three short stories were based around a theme of alienation from modern life, and were written as pseudo film-scripts for short films that were never intended to be filmed. I guess they work as visual poems rather than stories in the traditional sense.

The stories, and some accompanying music...

story 1 - women are

mp3 Cat Power - Be a good woman (live radio session)

story 2 - men are also
mp3 Magnolia Electric Company - How to love a man

story 3 - big life v spontaneity
(aka, what is it that makes modern life so exciting, so fresh?)

mp3 Okkervil River - Our life is not a movie or maybe (radio session)