Thursday, November 26, 2009

We have come for your cheer

Scroogist, true - but I do so hate christmas. Not the festivity, mainly the commerciality, and the tacky decoration!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Your Introduction to Psych Rock Rarities Volume One

I once spent far too much time listening to rare late-60s and early-70s psych rock albums. Many of them were released on small independent labels or in self-pressed editions of a few 100 copies. Much of it was dire, but there were a myriad of gems if you looked for them and so I decided to select 20 of my favourite tracks for a compilation. A few years down the line, I still listen to this mix and think it's pretty great - so I'm putting it out for a short while for you to enjoy for free.

Tracklisting with link below, with a few choice mp3s if you're undecided or don't have the wherewithall for mega-downloads:
  1. The Monks - I hate you
  2. Analogy - Tin's Song
  3. Merrel Fankhauser and h.m.s. bounty - Driving sideways (on a one way street)
  4. American Spring - Fallin' in love
  5. Broselmachine - The Old Man's Song mp3
  6. Josefus - Gimme Shelter
  7. Mothers of Invention - You're probably wondering why your here
  8. Felt - Destination
  9. Julie Driscoll and Brian Auger - Indian Rope Man
  10. Apple - Doctor Rock
  11. Fever Tree - Death is the dancer mp3
  12. Fairfield Parlour - Soldier of the flesh
  13. Geronimo Black - Let us live
  14. Gila -Aggression
  15. Goliath - No more trash
  16. Kaleidoscope - Hang out
  17. Linda Perhacs - Delicious mp3
  18. C A Quintet - Underground music
  19. McCully Workshop Inc - The Circus
  20. Morgen - Beggin' your pardon (Miss Joan)
Download the whole compilation in mp3s in a single 115mb zip file here

Genesis 11:9

Genesis 11:9
Originally uploaded by Southcoasting
"That is why it was called Babel - because there the LORD confused the language of the whole world."