Friday, January 02, 2009

Three Stories

Partly inspired by an excellent night of readings at Sam and Jay's Tight Lip on Friday, I went searching for some old stories and poems I wrote about a decade and a half ago. These were printed up in a limited edition xeroxed book, of which probably no more than a dozen copies are in circulation (I still have a box of them somewhere). It received a nice review in Factsheet Five; and was later placed on the web, on a site which has now closed down, hence why I went searching.

Anyway, I thought for a while this stuff was tired and jaded, but I've decided to like it again, so thought I'd make some of it available here. If you want a copy of the rest, drop me an email with your address.

These three short stories were based around a theme of alienation from modern life, and were written as pseudo film-scripts for short films that were never intended to be filmed. I guess they work as visual poems rather than stories in the traditional sense.

The stories, and some accompanying music...

story 1 - women are

mp3 Cat Power - Be a good woman (live radio session)

story 2 - men are also
mp3 Magnolia Electric Company - How to love a man

story 3 - big life v spontaneity
(aka, what is it that makes modern life so exciting, so fresh?)

mp3 Okkervil River - Our life is not a movie or maybe (radio session)

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