Friday, May 04, 2007

Going Green

Interesting election results yesterday in my maverick part of the wood.

Brighton was the part of the country with the highest proportion of its population registering their religion on the census as Jedi! We're a bit odd like that.

Now, in the latest elections - which will change little, but are mainly the population's chance to tell Tony Blair how disappointed we are with him and how little we trust him now - the bit of East-Central Brighton where I live has decided to buck the national trend and gone green. Not one, not two, but three wards here elected wholely Green Party councillors.

So, as a tribute:


JC said...

Glasgow has just gone and elected its first ever Green councillors - and there's 5 of them as well.

Mind you, the've a long way to go to ever winning power, what with 40 seats needed to form an administration.....

Christy said...

Kermit knew what he was talking about. It's not easy being green. Great post!