Sunday, April 23, 2006

Kevin Hewick

So good to see Kevin Hewick is still writing songs and gigging.

Kevin was the singer-songwriter signed to Factory records, and will probably go down in the footnotes of rock history as the guy who was auditioned by New Order to replace Ian Curtis when the latter's death effectively ended Joy Division. And equally famously, if it was indeed an audition, Kevin wasn't called back.

In the meantime, he moved to Cherry Red records and released some stellar freaked out music that sounded like nothing else of its time or of any other. Anyone who actually got to hear the classic Haystack will surely remember it!

Anyway - two songs here:

- Kevin Hewick - Landscape (from the excellent 1999 CD 'Helpline')

- Kevin Hewick - Haystack (1993 'In an Open Air Surgery' version)


And visit Kev's website to read a fab 2002 interview by Lars Jacobsson which tells the story and more. There's also a myspace place. And if you're in the Leicester area and he's on, go see him play!!

Oh, and buy the CDs, which are fab!!!

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