Sunday, June 11, 2006

International Mixtape Project

This is a charming idea.

Pay $10, and get to send mixtapes or CDs of your favourite music to complete strangers around the world, and receive the same in return.


For more info, go here:


michael said...

I dont see why it costs ten dollars to join. I have just joined the Exoticaring group and it cost me nothing ( except for the postage ofcourse) and lots of weird and wonderful Cd's winging there way to me ( apparently) and looking forward to making some Boot Sale Sounds type comps . to send round.

Jon said...

$10 is a one off fee, and seems a decent recompense for the time taken to organise this. And after all - it's the cost of one shop-bought CD really. Guess you pays your money and you takes your choice.

michael said...

I guess so. Have you joined? I must admit the first double CD of 60's bubblegum music wasnt really what I was expecting from the Exoticaring group but hopefully the next will be more interesting.