Friday, August 25, 2006

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

I'm still smarting from the shock of being
Don't quite know how that happened - must have been a slow weekend.

Anyway - suggests it's about time to stop the silliness and catch up with some of the cool music that folk have been sending me,so next few posts will aim to rid me of one particular guilt trip in that respect.
On the other hand, I may just go down the pub with Phil.

First up is the delightful Grace Potter and the Nocturnals whose new CD 'Nothing But the Water' purveys a slick soulful ride along the southern swamp-rock highway. 22-year old Grace has that kind of gritty soft but sexy rock chick voice that deserves to be heard. Her band are tight and give her a strong base on which to build, and Grace laces the brew with some classic Hammond Organ riffs. The songs are all good, and the CD has been worth repeated plays.

Taj Mahal thinks they're "an amazing band" (they toured with him), as does Bonnie Riatt, which kind of sets them in the right place, musically speaking. The CD has a commercial sound (the opener Toothbursh and My Table is irritatingly memorable), but one that deserves to go far. The songs are the sort that keeps your mind tickin' whilst your feet are tappin'.

The album was recorded a while back and their new live-tested sound is much grittier. Check out this fabulous rockin' live video of the band playing Stop the Bus at red Rocks (below).
Think they've just moved on from their Buffalo Springfield (do we, don't we, wanna be the Beatles ?) phase into their "Everybody Knows This is Nowhere" phase! Think Little Feat or Crazy Horse, fronted by a slightly older-wiser Janis Joplin.

The Blues Rock doesn't come much better.
...and two mp3 tasters from the CD:

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