Saturday, September 09, 2006

Brad Sucks

Brad sucks? No, he doesn't. He just makes this phenomenal music from his own bedroom, sounding about as powerful as the best corporate rock band, with intelligent and witty lyrics and superb sound. A kind of knowing teenage angst rides Brad's lyrics and the route one rock guitar is made-for-play on college radio - it's all really that good. The song UNDERSTOOD BY YOUR DAD: "In a maze of bodybagslooking around for areason to breathe again", or YOU’RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE "i’ve got what it takesto help you make mistakesto put you through a phasethat’s harder than it seems".

A one man band, with no fans! Actually, he seems to have a small army of fans, thanks partly to the quality of his music and also the fact that the source files are freely available on the web, and brad now has a whole army of remixers who take his music and produce a pretty impressive array of remixes. Truth is, I know of no other band (major or otherwise) that has so many remixes, and of such high quality - which is a credit to the strength of the original songs. You can download or listen to any of the versions.

You can also download the album, or buy a professionally packaged version for only $10 plus shipping (the cover's horrid, like the band-name, but don't be put off).

And if you're not yet convinced, listen to these two tracks:

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