Sunday, February 11, 2007



Way back when in 2005 the Brooklyn-based band Thunderegg decided to record a new song once a week for every week of the year. They've now released a selection on a limited edition (100 copies) 15 track CD, and you can buy your own for $10 including postage from their website.

The compilation shows Will Georgantas' softer and more romantic side (you can still get the previously collected works in Open Book - 231 songs and the lyric book on one mp3 CD for only $15!!). Who can forget songs like Christy Pickle (an early egg track from Universal Nut, re-recorded for this project) with its memorable opening lines:

Christy Pickle didn’t have a care,
he played fifty-two pick-up solitaire.
Threw the cards up into the air,
then he’d roll around in them in his underwear.

It sits alongside beautiful new songs such as It's Not You, It's Not me (It's her), and Hall Pass with its purposeful double-negative ("I ain't learning nothing in this class, Can I please get the hall pass?"). Glass of Water is the best morning-after-the-night-before song ever (like most of these songs, recorded within a month of their writing), and I'm also very fond of songs like This Week and the duet with Kendall Meade - Say We Did.

Thunderegg are recording a new album proper which should be out some time later this year.

Meanwhile, get This Week here while you can.

A couple of tasters:

p.s. yes, I am biased, as Will's a friend and useless at self-promotion, but regardless, this band is awesome, so don't let the fact that my click through rate is guaranteed to pay 0.000001 beer dollars next time I'm in NYC put you off



willenvelope said...

I am so too good at promotion! Just for that, I'm not giving you a Thunderegg baseball cap. Or at least I wouldn't if I had any left. The three dozen my sister gave me in 2003 are gone, and I haven't gotten around to printing up more...

willenvelope said...

Thunderegg trivia exclusive to Southcoasting: I was listening to the Pogues the other day and the great song "Down All the Days" came on, with its first line, "Christy Brown, a clown around town." I think that's where the name "Christy Pickle" must have came from. It had been a favorite of mine back when, and was still pretty engrained in my head when I wrote the song in '93.

redsquirrel said...

Yay! Good call on "It Was Really Pretty Good." I think that song was sort of overlooked at the time of the project; I've always liked it because it's a blow-by-blow account of a somewhat off-balance evening we had. We *really* didn't like that waitress.

Jon said...

Chisty Brown - famous Irish writer, as in the film My Left Foot. Christy Pickle has some similarities I guess, tho' i see him as quite a different and origianl character!

You are right tho'. I do so want a thunderegg baseball cap now....