Sunday, January 29, 2006

Happy Valentines

Another Swedish pop queen... it must be something in the Abba-esque icy water up in the Baltic. Still, thank god for Sweden.

This one's for Valentine's Day. I know I'm two weeks early, but the shops are full of it and I scare easily. Just when you think Christmas is over and it's safe to go back into a normal world of dreadless shopping and conversation, along comes another set of obligations. Soon it'll be Easter, then there's birthdays and halloween and oh! I know I should enjoy this stuff really.

Anyway, today we have
Jenny Wilson and her excellent album on rabid records "Love and Youth", on which she sings, plays every instrument and produces and yet still manages to make a gorgeous album which doesn't sound like it was record on a cardboard box in her bedroom.

"12 songs/short stories with ingredients such as: Nosebleeds, love, fights,
despair, the awful schoolyard-blues and - of course - sex! Drumbeats's next to
electric guitars, dramatic & beautiful choirs, vibraphones and acoustic

The 14th February link comes through her wonderful track

And one last valentine thing. These Emotion Lotion badges are gorgeous, and they do some with cool song lyrics on too. You know the way to my heart...