Sunday, January 15, 2006

Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins

jenny and the twinsI didn't really get Rilo Kiley, Jenny Lewis' day-job, but after hearing a few tracks from her new solo LP 'Rabbit Fur Coat' I'm going to have to change my point of view.

Rabbit must be the first essential album of 2006; a real classic. Too many alt-country bands are little more than derivative barroom rockers and balladeers. Jenny isn't. She's the real thing.

Well, as far as a child actress who grew up in California can be country... but you know what I mean.

Check out Rise Up With Fist, a song that really hits me in the spot. Must be one of my favourite songs ever, and it's barely been around a week. Then listen to the album on

The CD was out on Jan 23rd. Get your copy here: