Friday, February 24, 2006

Your introduction to Psych-Rock rarities part 2

Another bunch of psychedelic and progressive rarities. Most of these albums sold in the hundreds or single thousands and are exceedingly rare. Links to tracks to sample, and CD reissues to purchase, below:

01. Josefus - Gimme Shelter (from Dead Man, 1970)

02. The Mothers of Invention - You're probably wondering why I am here (from Freak Out!, 1966)

03. Felt - Destination (from Felt, 1971)

04. Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & the Trinity - Indian Rope Man (from Streetnoise, 1969)

05. Apple - Dr Rock (from An Apple a Day, 1971)

The Josefus album has a striking cover, but the music sounds a bit dated and jaded to me. The Mothers on the other hand, brilliant cover (first ever double album, predating Blonde-on-Blonde or the White album), dated sound for sure but still full of verve. Felt are rathre obscure, and rather good - much the same as their Lawrence-led 80s namesakes. Brian Auger's track is an organ-led dazzler since covered by the UK Charlatans.

See part one here.

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