Saturday, March 04, 2006

Your introduction to Psych-Rock rarities part 3

Another bunch of psychedelic and progressive rarities. Most of these albums sold in the hundreds or single thousands and are exceedingly rare. Links to tracks to sample, and CD reissues to purchase, below:

01. Fever Tree- Death is the dancer (from Another Time Another Place, 1968)

02. Fairfield Parlour - Soldier of the Flesh (from Home to Home, 1970)

03. Geronimo Black - Let us live (from Geronimo Black, 1972)

04. Gila - Aggression (from Gila, 1971)

05. Goliath - No more trash (from Goliath, 1970)

Definitely on the mega obscure side. See also part one and part two.

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