Tuesday, April 04, 2006

CDs on the out

This Guardian article is a bit scary and somewhat naive. scary/naive because the sad fact is that CD values are going to plummet like those of VHS videos soon, so the idea of selling them seems hopeless, but the prospect of acquiring large libraries of great music on top quality plastic on the other hand is somewhat appealing.

I could do with reclaiming some shelving and space around the house, but then I haven't got rid of all my vinyl yet and would find it hard to part with it all. As the final quoted person in the article says:

"Music sounds much better from a CD played on a decent stereo than on an MP3 player, and I am a sucker for special edition CDs and enjoy the artwork and everything about them.

"And what happens if your computer crashes and you lose everything? I know you can back things up, but at least I know I have all of the music safe and stored on something I can actually touch."

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michael said...

I'm looking forward to buying lots more cheap CD's then - great!