Saturday, July 22, 2006

Four things for an eighth

Whoever said bad things come in threes lied. They come in fours, possibly even fives and sixes. They overtake you, and take you over. They're bad.

What a couple of weeks. [1] Our gas boiler was condemned, and needed to be replaced (big spend). [2] We had a wonderful kitchen flood requiring an emergency plumber (don't you hate feeling dependent on these bloodsucking "experts"?). [3] My computer broke, and the guy who fixed it managed to lose half the files (so I've cancelled his cheque). [4] And now our washing machine's died....

There were probably some good things last week, but to be honest, I can't remember them...

Anyway, to celebrate the imminent eighth month which can only be better, and drawing on the majestic failure to mend my computer and the consequent loss of all my downloaded music that began with those letters that follow the letter N, I've decided to share 4 tracks by bands beginning with the eighth letter of the alphabet, H. For no apparent reason, except they're still there...

House of Love - Destroy the heart

Handsome Family - Drunk by noon

Harry Nillson - Everybody's talkin'

Haley Bonar - Save a horse, ride a cowboy


lee said...

bright side-
you'll have all new stuff.
no one was hurt.
the music never stops.

michael said...

Sorry to hear about your litany of troubles. S'funny how they all come along at once isn't it- like buses!
And bills! And really hot weather!
Phew! Its a bit cooler today they say but feels like another scorcher to me.