Thursday, July 13, 2006

We loved Syd

Syd Barrett died yesterday, from complications related to diabetes. Sad to see a good friend go (not that I knew him, but when you're intimate with someone's music of course you feel that you do).

The early Pink Floyd were really something quite remarkable and that was clearly down to Syd's leadership. Equally extraordinary was the way in which Syd opted out of that whole rockstar life - possibly out of bravery, perhaps through fear of failure, or maybe it was just a drug-induced burn out - who knows?

Seems like some people burn out and fade away.

My favourite Syd (and Floyd) track has just been posted by Timedoor

tho' am amazed no-one's posted Shine On You Crazy Diamond yet!

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michael said...

Sad about Syd. I see they are showing again the documentary about him on BBC2 this week.