Saturday, August 05, 2006

Bye Bye Arthur Lee, wild thing

A small tribute to the passing of Love's Arthur Lee, a key character from the 1960s west coast music scene who produced some essential music.

and while I'm at it, here's Billy Bragg's great version of Arthur Lee's classic "Seven And Seven is".

...and this is really nice too:

The original writer of the Troggs' mega-hit Wild Thing talks about the song on his radio show, and then plays a cool version with some great fiddle and accompanyment from Carrie Rodriguez. Awesome! (as the kids might say...)

Chip and Carrie are on trainwreck records, and you can listen to more of their podcasts at their Church Of The Train Wreck website.

...and by the way, that great photo of Chip and Carrie is by Todd Wolfson from Austin, Texas


Anonymous said...

There is no way that is billy bragg.

Jon said...

Why on earth not? I think you'll find that 7and7 is indeed the Braggman.

Anonymous said...

I stand corrected. I was extremely dubious but I found the track listed on the bonus disk to "Must I Paint You a Picture." Would have bet money that it wasn't BB, but now I must bow to your authority. Cheers,