Sunday, September 24, 2006

Razorlight cover Outkast

And why not? Feeling tired today as I have a cold, so need an uplift. Brighton Live starts on Monday, and looks fantastic. Hope to be out at the gigs at my local pubs on Tuesday or Wednesday.

In the meantime...

Do I like Razorlight? probably not. Do I like Outkast? Yes, sometimes I do.


Roger Stevens said...

I quite like Razorlight. Just played Highway 61 Revisited. Now James Taylor. Yes, I'm enjoying my new laptop which plays a random selection of tracks.

Pity we missed you. Maybe next time.

In fact, in a couple of years time we're planning a visit to the States and Canada. Maybe we'll visit you then.

Roger Stevens said...


Well, we won't be able to visit you in the States and Canada if you live in Brighton will we? That would be because I muddled you up with a differnt Jon. And haven't missed you at all.

Such are the wonders of the internet.

Glad you visited my blog. I'll keep an eye on yours!

Enjoy Brighton Live.