Sunday, November 19, 2006

Santa Monica beach

No matter, whatever you do in LA, wherever you go, you always seem to end up on Santa Monica beach late afternoon, as the sun is starting to set.

The traffic on the Santa Monica highway is awful, but I don't know where all these people go?! The pier is only slightly less tacky and certainly less grand than Brighton, but the Santa Monica beach has sand and sunshine and extends for miles.

It really is quite beautiful.

Santa Monica beach at sunset

The bubble man is much loved. I think I now have my retirement plan.

the Bubbleman

And even on a November afternoon, the sun was shining.

Santa Monica beach

Here's some MP3s

Everclear - Santa Monica

The Guess Who - American Woman

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sylvain said...

... and a masterpiece : the "California" mini-album, by Harvey Williams (Shinkansen records, 1999)