Sunday, November 12, 2006

Two nights in New York

Only spent two nights in NYC, but they were pretty busy and lots of fun.

Saw lots of art with K in the galleries in West Chelsea. Got caught in a thunderstorm. Went shopping for shoes, successfully (thanks K). Bought a Viva Voce CD. Ate well (beef wraps, thai noodles, french breakfasts) and drank better. Took a train, took a cab, took the subway. I did it all, and still made it to the plane on time.

Saturday night I went out to Brooklyn and met Will from the magnifiscent Thunderegg, Red Squirrel, a bundle of their friends (including the impressively attired two John O'Connors) and friends of their friends. After a moderate and restrained consumption of beers, we went out to see the excellent Cyd Glore's New Masterpiece at Hank's on Atlantic Avenue (surprisingly intimate and local).

In memory of a wonderful evening:

Cyd Glore's New Masterpiece - Upon Reaching

Cyd Glore's New Masterpiece - Dig on Sunshine

Thunderegg -
The American Standard Is Slipping (And It's All Your Fault)

Thunderegg - Hall Pass

Thunderegg are currently in the studio recording their next album!


willenvelope said...

"Moderate and restrained"...I think we drank a case and a half before heading out to Hank's. And wasn't there some bourbon involved, too? And a one-liter bottle of seltzer? I can't remember, surprisingly.

Jon said...

Do I really have to remind you of all those embarrassing revelations? jeez, thank goodness i got it all down on tape. Now, where's that Idiot's guide to uploading to YouTube?!?