Thursday, December 28, 2006

Happy Feet

I love views of rooftops and skylines fascinate me. Don't know why.

Saw the most ridiculous film ever today - Happy Feet, a kind of baywatch-for-penguins with snow-for-sand and a Busby Berkley approach to musical. It's an animated kid's film, with an odd message about not messing with the food chain so penguins can continue to consume the fish stocks and escape from being eaten by big birds and fierce sealions, whose food chain clearly counts for naught because they aren't as cute and can't dance. What on earth this film is trying to teach our children I really don't know, unless it's something about the power of dance.

Entertaining in an odd way, but quite daft and whoever wrote it must be on the weirdest drugs.

By the way - the best place for penguins is Bolders beach, just outside of Cape Town in South Africa. A nice quiet beach, with lots and lots of penguins!

Listening to the excellent 1972 album from Prog-Folk duo Emtidi featuring German Maik Hirschfeldt and the Canadian Dolly Holmes (who also supplied some vocals for the Incredible String Band's Hangman's beautiful daughter).

Try this - starts quietly, then gets even better: "Don't sit on the grass, it's too cold for your ass" being a perfectly appropriate lyric at this point in mid-winter...

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michael said...

We enjoyed Happy Feet too and took all the sub-ecology mess-age with a pinch of salt. Its just a cartoon after all and one of the best weve seen this year. Hollywood seems to be churning out the digital animations by the truckload now and trying to beat Pixar who had a slight hiccup with Cars, which was very poor. I'm sure they'll pick themselves up though.