Thursday, December 21, 2006

The burning of the clocks

Went to the Burning of the Clocks parade on the sea front tonight. Warmed by a bag of hot potato chips, it was fun to see all the paper lanterns, and their big bonfire and the fireworks. It's Brighton's very own modern winter solstice celebration which has only been going for about a decade but now appears to be a special non-commercial non-christian part of the local christmas calender.

I also saw an old episode of the Addams Family today, the one from the 1960s where the Standells come and take over their house. It was great.

I wanted to find Dirty Water ("You know I love that dirty water, Boston you're my home!") but don't appear to have it anymore - a loss from my last computer disaster - so it will have to be this one instead, celebrating a pagan festival of sorts...


Jen said...

Why "Burning of the Clocks"? We used to do a big post-xmas bonfire in my hometown--everyone would bring their holiday trees and wreaths to the fire station lawn and set fire to the pile. You could see the light for miles.

Jon said...

It's the longest night of the year, e.g. the day with the least sunlight, and the winter solstice, so I think it's all related to that. As it happens, they'll burn clocks, crocodiles, weird pumpkin carriages - whatever they can build out of sticks and paper!