Saturday, December 16, 2006

Who wants love without the looks?

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"Who wants love without the looks?" Echo & The Bunnymen, read it in books

bib·li·o·phile (bbl--fl) also
bib·li·o·phil (-fl) or bib·li·oph·i·list (bbl-f-lst)
1. A lover of books.
2. A collector of books.
bibli·ophi·lism n.
bibli·ophi·listic adj.

I was reading Terence Blacker's article in yesterday's Independent (the only newspaper worth reading) entitled Why I've joined the ranks of the non-readers with a glow of recognition.

I have an ever-growing pile of unread books taking over my office, and I really need to get real and accept the fact that I am an ex-reader now, no more a bibliophile,one who no longer frequents libraries and bookshops. I have bought some wonderful books lately, and it's not as if I buy the latest hit novels or 5 star reviews and then realise they're all worthless. I have Michael Brocken's Bacharach; Maestro: The Life of a Pop Genius, Neil Kent's Helsinki: A Cultural and Literary History, Meyer and Oberman's Mothers Who Kill Their Children - all sitting, waiting, looking eager to be read. But have I opened them yet? No. I even started AM Holmes' The End of Alice. I know it's a great book - I know the subject matter could be off-putting, but not for me - I know I would even enjoy it...

It's just that I no longer read books.

Joe Tex - Buying a book mp3

It's an addiction. I need to stop!! Maybe there's an Allen Carr Easyway book that can help?

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