Saturday, December 02, 2006

Trumpets in the Rain

the awesome June Brides

It's England. It's Autumn/Winter. It's raining. What else is there ...apart from a gorgeous 7 inch single by the June Brides from 1984? Dig that crazy trumpet Snowglobe, the wonderful Happy is it's bastard son! But anyway - here's to ringing in the changes...

The June Brides - In the Rain

There are loads of scratchy June Brides videos on YouTube too.

Snowglobe - Changes

Now, why is every blogger on earth starting to post Xmas songs already? It's getting worse than the shops. And Christmas songs are not good! Bloggers, STOP, now! More bah, more humbug, more good music.

Absent yourself from Christmas-dementia before it's too late!


michael said...

Yes, i agree with your Xmas songs in November rant. I hate them too. They shouldn't be any until at least the middle of december otherwise they are just spoiling the whole feeling of festive season. I was sent a lovely pile of CD's recently by an old chum which included two by the Christmas Jug Band which had some catchy numbers on it especially one called "Where Did The Other "O" GO" which we have beenm singing all day long- one of those annoying catchy ditties that just wont go away! I will uplaod it soon to my blog if I get a chance.

Jon said...

I wasn't refering just to November!!! I'm grinch remember. This stuff is only barely acceptable on December 24th... Grr. Brrr!