Sunday, January 21, 2007

UK Early-80s Indie Pop - part 4

Sometimes indie-pop was the new quiet

I never knew quite how much I loved Felt, brainchild of the enigmatic Lawrence. They made albums I wanted to love, but too often felt all of a sameness. Still, the one thing they did was quite magical - and this song for me captures them at their best.

An American transplanted to the UK, Heidi Berry was signed to Creation, then 4AD, and more of a folk singer than an indie-rocker, she sang beautiful ethereal songs which seemed to fit in no particular genre. She now teaches songwriting at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music, and still performs occasionally.


willenvelope said...

I just realized that I seem to always comment on the wrong pieces in the wrong places. Oh well. Anyway, once I bought a Felt album but my stupid peyote-gobbling roommate made fun of me and I never gave it a chance. I'd heard they "sounded like Moose." But they didn't really sound like Moose, which I've now realized isn't necessarily a bad thing (though I did like that eight-minute, two-chord song "Do You Remember").

willenvelope said...

P.S. I have nothing against peyote gobbling, actually.

Jon said...

felt are an obscure taste. I had a housemate who knew Lawrence and loved them, but I couldn;t really see the charm, except for the odd track like this one!

I'm too old to gobble peyote. I think I'd find a roommate who did that pretty annoying these days!