Sunday, January 28, 2007

UK Early-80s Indie Pop - part 5

Two noise merchants of a different sort - one feeds the linguistic turmoil in
your brain, the other feeding the sonic turmoil in your heart.

The Fall were more post-punk than new wave, but then labels weren;t what they were about and really they weren't anything else at all. Of the post-punk era, only Joy Division could really cmopete with them.

The Fall were basically just themselves - or the collection of selves constructed by Mark E Smith at a particular point in time - and that is everything they have ever been for the past thrity years. resolutely difficult and superbly engaging, this for me is one of their finest moments.

The Jesus and Mary Chain were a blast that should have come and gone in a puff of smoke but in the end dragged on for years, producing some great records - but none that had quite the incendary effect of their first LP, Psychocandy - from which this track is taken. A website: JAMC.


redsquirrel said...

Ah, The Fall. I really dug them in high school, all drony and harsh. I saw them perform a few years ago, an ill-attended show in Athens, GA, where Mark E. Smith came out on crutches and performed sitting at a school desk. Good times.

suzie q said...

Oh My Word, Hunter S Thompson.. I've seen 'Fear & Loathing..' and it was freakier than a freaky thing! But I wouldn't mind a read of his collected letters. Bet they're quite fascinating, if a little mind-bending...

I actually loved the Narnia books when I was little, but I'm not sure that boys were quite so keen... what did you make of it, or didn't you? I like all the secret places and the magic, but the real world is all a bit too grown-up for me sometimes, I'm only a tiny thing! ;)

So glad to find your comment, sir. You have a fine collection of books on your shelf, and I'm sure I should enjoy them.

I love the photo on this post - the 'Fall' guy? I remember them, but not that well. I was busy being in my early twenties and didn't see many pictures. Just listened to the music and danced! I've been to Brighton once in my life, loved every minute, but feel like I know it when I see your lovely photo's!

Good to meet you, fellow Narnia resident! ;)

Jon said...

wow... what a splurge of words. Anyway, thank you for listing southcoasting on your site. I will reciprocate when i get a moment. I loved the Narnia books too - they definitely were NOT a girl thing!

cliffy said...

really, I guess have to buy narnia book too..anyway I'm a big fan of Indie pop esp Mark E. Smith


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