Friday, February 02, 2007

Strangely coloured air

Hannover Crescent chimney pots

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This is a digital manipulation of a photograph of some rooftops and chimneys from the back of Hanover Crescent, a formerly posh terrace of large Victorian houses in Brighton. I really like the crayon effect, but one of the comments from a flickr pal was quite insightful - or posed some interesting questions. I did not draw any lines on this picture, but simply altered the whole print using some line detection and variation of colours and contrasts - so all of the lines in the picture were in some way present in the original photograph, albeit invisible to the naked eye.

The comment was that these probably reflect natural variation in heatwaves in the air -with the sharp hashing over the rows of heated houses, and the strong curving colours over the trees, and the sea. It's an interesting thought - as to what is invisible and yet all around us.

I've always wondered what impact all the zillions of radio waves floating through the atmosphere are having, in some small inestimable way.

A bit more music....

  • Air -Kelly watch the stars

  • Canned Heat - Going Up The Country

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