Monday, April 09, 2007

For Nick Drake completists only

I've had these tracks for a while now and thought it would be worth
making them available in one place. They really are for completists

Nick Drake didn't play much in front of others, and didn't play with others much, concentrating on recording his own songs and a few select folk-blues covers. Somehow, however, his arranger and friend Robert Kirby managed to entice him to play as guitarist on a couple of sessions, one recording some children's songs for an educational record called Interplay One (1971) with the folk singer Vivian Fowler, and the other on the decent folk-rock LP 'Dark and Devil Waters' (1972) by Mick Audsley (now a much in demand film editor in the UK). There's very little Nick in these tracks it seems, but take a listen and see what you think...

From Interplay One (1971),

From Dark and Devil Waters (1972),

p.s. Elton John's covers of Nick's songs are still available here


millionsuns said...

hello hello,

i just did a search for these Mick Audsley tracks (which i've been trying to find forever) and your blog showed up. is there any way at all i could get a copy of these tracks from you? my email address is i'm a huge Nick Drake fan and would love to hear these.

thanks so much.


Jon said...

E - check your email for a temporary gift. all the best