Sunday, June 24, 2007

Gormley perceives Gormley

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These Anthony Gormley statues are wonderful. Not for themselves, but just for their number and positioning.

They started out as part of a Hayward Gallery exhibition, all up high on the skyline visible from the London southbank, but now seem to have appeared in other places across the city, bringing with them a sense of fun and wonder. Before this, they were in Norway and other places, and are now permanently resident on Crosby beach in Liverpool, their planned trip across the Atlantic having been aborted.

Some new wave tracks this week.

One from A Different Kind of Tension my favourite new Wave album when i was a lot younger. One from a band I only really discovered on a bounce back across the Atlantic, where they were appreciated far more than they were in the UK. One from the Jesus of Cool about feeling small. He has just released a very fine new CD at a grand old age. And the last, Live in Leicester in 1977, a classic Wreckless Eric song covered by one of our greatest songwriters.


redsquirrel said...

That Elvis track is pretty sweet...makes me want to see him in concert again (last time was 1999).

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Do you think Nick Lowe would mind if I started calling myself The Jesus of Cool Beer?

Jon said...

Thanks Jen. I'd have loved to have seen him back in 1977!! He is playing a concert over here soon I think.

Mr Beer, I think Nick is probably pretty relaxed about most things these days!

Anonymous said...

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