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24 Acts in 81 minutes

"24 Acts in 81 minutes. It pays to improve your word power!"

Before C86 there was C81...

This was probably my most important introduction to decent independent music, way back when I was just out of short trousers... the first outing for Scritti Politti's the sweetest girl... most people's introduction to Postcard records... Compiled by the NME journalist Roy Carr and a Rough Trade PR person, it's the most awesome and eclectic mixtape ever, and cost about £1.25 to readers of the NME!

This copy has been taken from an original cassette because this major history piece has never been reissued on CD (unlike the C86 compilation, which was issued as a fifth anniversary memorial to this one). It still sounds good though. If it is reissued, obviously, I would insist that you go out and buy it, but until then

Download the full cassette:

Track listing

Side one

  1. "The "Sweetest Girl"" – Scritti Politti (6:09)
  2. "Twist and Crawl Dub" – The Beat (4:58)
  3. "Misery Goats" – Pere Ubu (2:26)
  4. "7,000 Names of Wah!" – Wah! Heat (3:57)
  5. "Blue Boy" – Orange Juice (2:52)
  6. "Raising the Count" – Cabaret Voltaire (3:32)
  7. "Kebab Traume (Live)" – D.A.F (3:50)
  8. "Bare Pork" – Furious Pig (1:28)
  9. "Raquel" – The Specials (1:51)
  10. "I Look Alone" – Buzzcocks (3:00)
  11. "Fanfare in the Garden" – Essential Logic (3:00)
  12. "Born Again Cretin" – Robert Wyatt (3:07)

Side two

  1. "Shouting Out Loud" – The Raincoats (3:19)
  2. "Endless Soul" – Josef K (2:27)
  3. "Low Profile" – Blue Orchids (3:47)
  4. "Red Nettle" – Virgin Prunes (2:13)
  5. "We Could Send Letters" – Aztec Camera (4:57)
  6. "Milkmaid" – Red Crayola (2:01)
  7. "Don't Get in My Way" – Linx (5:15)
  8. "The Day My Pad Went Mad" – The Massed Carnaby St John Cooper Clarkes (1:46)
  9. "Jazz Is the Teacher, Funk Is the Preacher" – James Blood Ulmer (4:03)
  10. "Close to Home" – Ian Dury (4:13)
  11. "Greener Grass" – Gist (2:32)
  12. "Parallel Lines" – Subway Sect (2:38)
  13. "81 Minutes" – John Cooper Clarke (0:13)

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well, Xmas is coming after all...

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Miss F said...

Hi there. I was led to your blog while looking for this NME comp. which my friend asked me to download. I recently discovered this kind of music through a MOJO comp. entitled BELOVED with tracks from some of these bands.

I found c-C86 in another blog and now downloading it.

Anyway your blog is great, you have truly fascinating taste in art and music, I am pleased to discover so many great links like that ubu web link which I lost in my bookmarks before.

I am utterly surprised and amazed at how wonderful this kind of "c-C86" music is.

my question is, do you have an idea what happened to the link in this post of yours? I clicked it but cannot see the file? is the file gone already?

thank you and will definitely check often to download stuff and read your ravings and exhortations.

by the way I also have Bob Dylan's Chronicles, a friend picked it up from the bargain bin for ten pesos in our currency, or twenty five cents. can't wait to read it come vacation~

Greetings from the Philippines,