Monday, December 24, 2007

Songs of the year

There was lots of great music out there this year, and much of it from way beyond the official charts. Individual songs often got lost in the mists, but these ones stuck with me over the year....

.kate nash : foundations.

This is such a clever song, lyrically. It's pretending to be upbeat and poppy but it's a pretty sharp disection of a relationship that's on the rocks. It surprised me and brought many a smile of recognition. I loved it.

.white stripes : you don't know what love is
For me one of two stand out tracks from the latest WS cd (the other being 300 M.P.H. Torrential Outpour Blues), which for the most part saw Jack White coasting and doing what Jack White does best. This is another song about a tricky relationship. It's pretty evil, but oddly full of love at the same time. This is someone the singer is still talking to, bargaining with, but it's a pretty tough message all the same.

.amy winehouse : tears dry on their own
Not a good year for Amy, and yet her album sold by the truckload and she was everywhere. This song summed it all up so well, and was a gorgeous slice of perfectly recreated clasic R 'n' B. Rehab was pretty iconic too, but unfortuantely became ironic. This one will stand the test of time. And Mark Ronson and the Dap Kings - wow!

.arcade fire : keep the car running
The best track from the excellent second album, it just got stuck in the brain, a mesmerising sound and good lyrics. Don't stop to park.

.esio trot : sally likes the beach boys
Sounding like it was created in their living room, this is 70 seconds of pure pop perfection. Straight out of Brighton, it doesn't come any better than this.

.feist : 1 2 3 4

This was everywhere thanks to that advert. But it's a catchy song, and helped define the year in music. I loved it.

.badly drawn boy : promises

The latest album was disappointing but this single from it, which got lost in the mists, is amongst the best things he's done.

.hiawatha telephone company : ship song

Finally, the best new song from my neck of the woods. At some point I'll get it recorded and posted online. But for me, it was a stand out.


1 Thanks to Heartache with Hard Work blog

2 Thanks to Who Killed the Mixtape blog

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you picked really good songs!