Saturday, February 16, 2008

X Ray Spirit

I don't normally relish the free CDs I am often sent to review but occasionally you get one that makes you sit up and listen.

X-Ray Spirit by Snake and Jet's Amazing Bullit Band is a CD on crunchy frog from two manic Danes. It's probably the bounciest most exciting collection of accelerated rock and roll since the Hives 'Hate to say I told you so'. From the opening garage riot of 'Ten Cities Beyond' with its beautiful organ driven riff, through 'X-Ray' and its almost child-like punk rock psychedelia and 'Wicky' with its faux-bluesy snippets, this is an album that is never dull from its top gear opening to its somewhat odd but settling bar-room closing final track. This is old-school 60s-style garage punk but contemporary, exciting.

Hard to imagine it's just two people, Thor Rasmussen and Thomas Teilmann Frederiksen , who together are Snake and Jet. They're big in Denmark (apparently) and this is their debut album. It was released this week in middle Europe, and it'll be out in the US at the end of March. But for now...

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