Saturday, July 05, 2008

100,000 flickr views

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were passed sometime last night. And it's my birthday today. So, just another day then.
I wanted to do some things I had never done before. So, we breakfasted on Southwick beach and went to see the near-inaccessible but beautifully-situated Chattri Memorial. Thrilling stuff.


Skittle said...

Happy birthday. :-)

wastedpapiers said...

many happy returns! Congrats on both celebratory events .

Ben Etc said...

belated happy birthday from here - south and on a coast near half a world away from you.

now i know what that pagoda is. i used to see it and feel a twinge for warmer places. our bassist tells me i am more Hindu than most. I am not sure what they mean but i know they think this is a good thing to be

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday from Mark Morelli. I love your old photographs and how you choose music to punctuate the pics. Cash's "Sunday Morning Coming Down" is a great reason to be alive.

Jon said...

Darn right, Blimey Mark, long-time since I've heard from you. Hope life is good.