Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sesame Street

Pure joy. I love it when the mighty pop stars appear on Sesame street and turn their classic songs into nursery rhymes for 4 year olds.... They seem to have really got this down of late.

Here's Feist doing her counting song...

And James Blunt telling us about a very special shape...

And then a distinctly uncomfortable Michael Stype and REM, playing to those shiny happy monsters...

Of course, in the old days, the stars just used to come on and perform. You can't really tell the difference between this scene and a normal Alice Cooper video, can you?

OK.... And now for something which, if you're as big a fan of the musical side of Sesame Street as I am, might freak you out.

[A Parental Warning is appropriate at this point]

To end, two things.

The pure unadulterated joy that is the Sesame Street theme tune, and my favourite Jack Johnson song. I didn't honestly think I would have a favourite Jack Johnson song, but it appears I do.

I am happier already just thinking about it :-)

That's all folks!

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