Friday, February 13, 2009

Discover what you set out to find

This mix
is a transitional one I think. I don't really know what I was doing, and I don't think this really works as a mixtape, or makes for a particularly enjoyable listening experience for sharing. It's more like a does of personal therapy, or an exorcism. It's all a bit stop-start. Still buried in cold winter.

I find it incredibly sad actually. I just don't know what I'm looking for here.

Still, as John Hiatt says, have a little faith in me.

A side

  1. John Hiatt - Have a little faith in me
  2. Mobius Band - I'll keep it with mine (Bob Dylan)
  3. Haley Bonar - Save a horse ride a cowboy
  4. Mellow Candle - Buy or beware mp3
  5. Larry Williams and Johnny Watson - A quitter never wins
  6. Frank Blood - Boss Eye
  7. John Phillips - Malibu People mp3
  8. That's The Spirit - Head for the hills
  9. Pavement - Spit on a stranger
  10. Dexy's Midnight Runners - Keep it
  11. J Tillman - When I light your darkened door
B Side
  1. Kevin Coyne - Do not shout at me father mp3
  2. Jens Lekman - Your arms around me
  3. Field Music - Pieces (change my dress) mp3
  4. Portishead - Deep water
  5. The Burning Hell - I love the things that people make
  6. Karen Dalton - In my own dream
  7. Boz Scaggs - I'm Easy
  8. Diamond Family Archive - Here I go again (live, cover)
  9. Sleepy John Estes - Milk cow blues
  10. Belle and Sebastian - Scooby Driver

The mix kind of dies a bit at the end of side 1, and enters a new world at the end of side 2. Thank goodness for Kevin Coyne, kickstarting the proceedings again.

I really wanted to edit the crap off the end of the DFA track, but I've kept it because I was at this gig and it was wonderful and I'm really pleased the whole concert is available now because the over-riding memory I have wasn't the songs but Lawrence's chat and joyful smile throughout the set of covers (by the likes of Dire Straits and others - this one is a Whitesnake song).

Download the whole thing as mp3s, in two parts again:

- A side (55mb) here

- B side (48mb) here

Once again, after 100 downloads it's gone.

Enjoy. Or cry. Just open your heart.

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