Friday, June 05, 2009

Don't say goodbye to your friends

It's funny how these things happen. No planning, just picking up tracks from my recently added list that for some reason appealed, not really listening, and then once they're all together and in some sort of sound order, the theme stands out clear as day. If you believe Tarot cards, this must be what reading tarot is like.


  1. Go! Team, friendship update
  2. Radiohead, bodysnatchers
  3. Lily Allen, not fair
  4. Jens Lekman, If I could cry
  5. Marmalade, mess around
  6. Gillian McPherson, Muff the Gong
  7. David Dondero, You shouldn't leave a love alone too long mp3
  8. Beta Band, Dry the rain
  9. Fairport Convention, Tale in Hard Time
  10. Duncan Browne, ninepence worth of walking mp3
  11. Cocoon, take off
  12. Bonnie Prince Billy, Less of me
  13. Neil Young, Walk on
  14. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Into your arms
  15. Super Furry Animals, back on a roll
  16. Tunng, woodcat
  17. Big Mehr and friends, Talking to no-one
  18. Three Degrees, when will I see you again
  19. Wave Pictures, I love you like a madman mp3
  20. Morrissey, The more you ignore me
Ho hum. As usual, this will be around for a bit and then gone. Download at your leisure but don't wait too long.

It's in two parts, mp3s coming in two large zip files:

Part 1

Part 2


Jon said...

Apparently Dav1d D0nder0 does not appreciate promotion in blogsphere, which is a shame. This message received from box . net:

"To whom it may concern,

We have recently received a complaint regarding the following file(s), which you have been sharing through your Box . net account, and infringe on a previously-held copyright:

All Files/blogstuff/O9 Y0u Sh0uldn't Leave a L0ve Al0ne T00 L0ng.m p 3

We have deleted the above file(s) from your account. Please delete any other files from your account that may infringe on any previously-held copyrights, as these go against the Box . net Terms of Service. Be aware that further infractions may result in account termination.

The Box . net team "


Tom said...

Hello there. My name is Tom and I'm David Dondero's manager. I talked to him today and he has no clue about Sorry - we definitely appreciate anyone who is excited about David's music. I think he's one of the best songwriters around and feel a kinship with others who see something special in his music.

"South of the South" is out on Team Love records and they've been great about file sharing. They even have a library where you can download full albums.

So, I'm not sure what happened. I just wanted to let you know David had nothing to do with the censorship.


Jon said...

Tom, thanks. Let David know he's a star :)

I'll leave both our posts up here, so anyone who read the initial comment can see your really positive follow up. As a musician myself, as well as a music lover, I'm convinced the blogsphere does a great job :-)