Thursday, April 01, 2010

Woodland Recordings (Free things #4)

If you haven't checked out the Woodland Recordings website lately, you should do so as not only is Stephen Burch making some of the Great Park albums available as free downloads for a short while, he is also in the process of documenting what seems like every other live gig he plays - and he plays a lot. Just him and his guitar, and the sets don't vary that much, but when you can find songs as great as 'We could have, We should have, We didn't' or 'I do wrong' you know you're onto a good thing. There are also some excellent lie recordings of other Woodland artists, such as Birdengine, the Diamond Family Archive, Fee Reega and Thirty Pound of Bone. All lovely stuff and highly recommended.
Woodland's downloads page is here:

and as a taster, try these

and then download the latest combined set from Fee Reega and the Great Park, playing live in Germany earlier this month.

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