Sunday, May 09, 2010

Open Houses

Number 45
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On the Brighton festival Open Houses trail - every May, the whole city of artists open their front doors on weekends to allow you to view their lovely houses, peruse their art and artistic creations, make purchases, or consume the endless home-baked cakes and coffee on offer.

A greatway to spend the weekend walking.

After the rain

a head in the rain

Buttons and birds

lots of trinkets

Kitchen cake art

coffee and cakes was de rigeur

Bahai centre

the Brighton Bahai Centre

and an mp3 for the listening...

another one from the Exile sessions, that isn't on the new augmented CD version. Amazon are also offering a free alternate version of All Down The Line if you're quick, but then if you're quick, quicker than me, you'll have already ordered the reissued CD!

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