Friday, February 10, 2012

UK Weather trends

The Met office provides some useful statistics showing weather trends across the UK, and that show that the snowfalls in recent years have not really been extrordinary, and the general trend is still very much one suggesting global warming.
Here's a chart showing the average annual temperature in the UK in winter, for every year since 1910 - and although there's been a slight dip recently the trend since the extreme cold winter in 1963 has been upward.
The summer average temperatures are even clearer, showing clear higher average temperatures in recent years.
This analysis was helpfully prompted by a nice piece today on the Full Fact fact-checkers blog, titled 'Is the latest weather of snow consequence?' - well worth a glance, as is their blog generally.
...and here's a strange song to sing in Mumbai, but beautiful nonetheless.
  • Laura Marling - Goodbye England, covered in snow

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