Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hiawatha Telephone Company - new single

Hiawatha Telephone Company went into a studio in Worthing, as part of a student project, ramshackle thing.

Sam Collins came too and put down some lovely guitar lines. Louise turned up to sing  and Scott plucked away on the uke like a trooper. Three songs were recorded with a strange buzzing noise in the background that nothing could fix.
A year later, two of the tracks have emerged as an on-line single.

The a-side has hazy memories of a rosy childhood in reflection from a distance, the other a-side was supposed to be a happy love song but turned into something dark, like things do. 

Free to download for the first 200 downloads and then we’ll see. It’s here and there and a little bit elsewhere.

at a House Concert in Berlin (2011)


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