Wednesday, March 08, 2006

House of the Rising Sun

sheet music

One of the greatest folk songs of all time, and so easy to play on a guitar even Tony Blair does it in his quiet time (if he has any). Well, it's better than George Bush Jr's endless treks around the golf course of the western world (try getting out of that bunker in Kabul, George!)

Anyway, here's a few choice versions that illustrate the range of interpretation possible in a beautifully crafted song.

  • Sinead O'Connor - House of the Rising Sun
  • Bob Dylan - House of the Rising Sun
  • Nina Simone - House of the Rising Sun

    and of course,
    the Animals who made this timeless song their own (literally, as the Alan Price credit on the sheet music shows).

If you want more versions, then this amazing page lists two hundred and fifty, and has mp3 files for many of them.

The lyrics and chords for simple guitar are available here. So what's stopping you - get strumming!

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molotov said...

Nice post. Great song.