Saturday, March 11, 2006

Your introduction to Psych Rock rarities part 4

Final part of the first album's worth of scarce obscurities. Links to tracks to sample, and CD reissues to purchase, below:

01. Kaleidoscope - Hang Out (from La Ciruela Electrica, 1968)

02. Linda Perhacs - Delicious (from Parallelograms, 1970)

03. C.A.Quintet - Underground Music (from Trip Thru Hell, 1969)

04. McCully Workshop Inc - The Circus (from McCully Workshop Inc, 1969)

05. Morgen - Beggin' Your Pardon (Miss Joan) (from Morgen, 1969)

Definitely on the mega obscure side. Hang out is by the Mexican Kaleidocsope rather than the English band. The Linda perhacs (ex-Affinity) is from her ultra rare vertigo album. The McCully Workshop were a South African psych band.

See also part one and part two and part three.

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Mark Tunnell said...

The singer for Affinity was Linda Hoyle, not Linda Perhacs.

It was Affinity's album which was on Vertigo, not Linda Perhacs's which was released by Kapp Records in 1970.