Saturday, August 12, 2006

Fort Rox photos

Fort Rox was a pleasant and rather unusual way to spend a saturday afternoon in Newhaven.

There was rain (but not much) and there was sunshine. Coffee and cake were great, beer and wine outrageously bad and over-priced. Shame the ramparts weren't open, but the Fort gift shop was (bargain WW2 berets only £3; proper tin camouflage helmet £20... soooo tempting!). The mayor attended, with his gold chain.

British Sea Power were good (and loud), but felt a little out of step with eachother, and ended with a big bear costume on-stage and a slightly hopeless attempt at getting some feedback drone (the songs are good enough on their own); the Duke Spirit on the other hand really rocked and looked like they were loving it; and the Research were witty and fun (superior to the Pipettes, ploughing a similar Ronettes furrow with Brian Wilson dropping seeds along the way). Also rans included Jacob's Stories (moving keyboard-led songs with violin), My Latest Novel (solid gaelic rock), Charlottefield (noisy) and local band the Honeycuts.

Some photographs of the day are available here:

My favourite was this one of some beautiful 1940s style glamour girls adding a bit of style and pzazz to the event

And some music from the bands

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