Sunday, August 06, 2006

New music Arthur, it's a Gas

Never trust a music reviewer! Some things raved about simply aren't worth raving about, and then of course there's some brilliant unsung music out there. Charts are nothing - trust your instincts, trust your ears...

But if your ears need roadmaps, you could do worse than...

75 or less
- reviews of lots of new indie CDs in less than 75 words
- a good quick taste of whether a recent release is complete fluff or a possible classic

- adds up the scores from reviews from all the top music reviews
- accurate reflection of the critics, tho' the resultant placings seem a bit odd to me. Also reviews films, DVDs, books and games

Rock critics dot com
- source for lots of fine articles and interviews from obscure and well-known American rock journalists. Not for reviews, but fascinating nonetheless

Modern Rocklists dot com
- every top 100, best of any year going back the last 25 years or top of the pops in any genre under the sun. No shortage of choice... You find gems like the Triple J Hottest 100 of All-Time (1998) wherein at No.2 sat the Hunters and Collectors "Throw your arms around me"! (No, I don't remember it either but I'm sure it's very good)

And as a final Arthur Lee tribute, here's another classic Love cover,

A bunch of twee Scottish BS detectors

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