Saturday, March 24, 2007

The 404 Band

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Bands beginning with the letter "B" today.

Why? because I was going to post a picture of my breakfast this morning and discourse on the lack of conversation over the fry-up plate, but then I remembered I'd done a breakfast picture not that long ago. So instead, we get these cute little fellas - souvenirs from a visit to Spain a few years ago, and potential cover stars - and one track that is nothing much about breakfast, and another that is nothing much about conversation. Or then again.

Also caught Jeff Green's The Green Side of Life on BBC Radio 2, which was an amusing compilation of loads of great comic clips - this week on the theme of co-habitation, which basically was an excuse for half an hour of wonderful comic turns on the war between the sexes.... It's all about conversation apparently - women live for it, men abhor it.

You can listen to the show here, or else, some more B... comedy:

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