Sunday, March 18, 2007

A stroll in the surreal sunset

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I like the situationists' random walk or "Dérive" when I come to find new music, rather than following the latest fad or the reviewers' hot new thing for this week, day, hour... Although it's not entirely random (my personal psychogeography being far too organised and analyticial), I'm often attracted by an obscure article here, a snippet of sound there, a boot sale bargain and of course the discount racks of my local music stores.

Yesterday I managed to find some nice things whilst out round the shops - a 1960s live set by the original Ramsey Lewis Trio for one pound, and the 2CD set of the Who Live at the Isle of White in 1970 for £3.

I also found cheap the 1969 Karen Dalton album and DVD 'It's So Hard to Tell Who's Going to Love You the Best' I'd been after for a while, and for another pound a CD by the great folk guitarist Bert Jansch from 2002 'Edge of a Dream' with a variety of well known folk assisting (Bernard Butler, Hope Sandoval), and which to my surprise wasn't the load of old-codger-propped-up-by-uninspired-young-wannabes that I was foolishly anticipating but was actually quite superb, and one of the best CDs I've heard in a while. Good to hear Pentangle getting more of the appreciation they undoubtedly deserve too! Highly recommended!

Anyway, two tasters, one from each:

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Davy H said...

Nice post: that's one productive shopping session Jon. BTW there's a full page piece on Karen Dalton in today's Gruaniad.