Sunday, March 15, 2009

Old Photographs

the boy in pajamas

There are big boxes of old photographs in our local antique emporium Snooper's Paradise, and these were amongst those that took my fancy.

It struck me tha I know these people every bit as well as the people in some of my oldest family photographs. Occasionally, I know the people they become, but nothing at all about the thoughts and feelings, loves and longings, they experienced when the photographs were taken. Every picture tells a story and these are no different. There is little of place in these pictures, and not that much about time apart from the clothes and the hairstyles, but there's a lot of character in these images, and I think tha's what drew me to them.

knees and cups of tea

Full of life

A family celebration (I)

A family celebration (II)

Confidence and servility

Power and influence - listening, speaking, and just being there

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